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The Rose Press Garden review

Here's a little review of my first box from the Rose Press Garden for you guys, a new monthly subscription service providing hand-picked seeds, bulbs and corms that promises to help you grow a beautiful garden with ease.

Founder Lizzie set up the company after falling in love with gardening when she bought her new home, and finding there was no modern brand aimed at young people who wanted to learn about gardening. I took the plunge after watching some of Lizzie's Instagram Live videos, where she talks customers through exactly what's in the box, then demonstrates how to sew each flower variety. The step-by-step approach, clearly explained and delivered with great enthusiasm by Lizzie, is perfect for a complete beginner like me.

So, what was in my first box?

A beautifully wrapped parcel of 5 different varieties of seeds, with an instructional leaflet for each. There was also a leaflet to talk you through all the jobs you need to do in your garden in July, as well as a pamphlet about pre-orders for spring bulbs. When you factor in the five different varieties of seeds as well as the online content and tutorials, I reckon this represents pretty good value at £15 per box. It had all arrived swiftly and was perfectly packaged. So far, so good.

What do I love?

I love that the seeds are picked out for each month, so you know exactly what to plant and when - something beginner gardeners are understandably confused about! July's box featured a range of biennials that need to be sewn now to produce a crop of pretty flowers next spring. These included Foxglove 'Foxy', Lupin 'My Castle', Lupin 'Russell the Governor', Hesperis 'White' and Forget Me Not 'Blue'. I love that Lizzie has included an instruction manual for each and every flower variety, how she creates follow-along videos to show you exactly what you need to do, how she tells you exactly what you should be doing for the upkeep of your garden, and I also love that you can always ask her questions if you're unsure about anything. As it's still a small start-up, it has a very personal touch and there's no doubt that Lizzie knows her stuff.

What don't I love?

Well, not much. From a personal perspective (and I know this won't bother most people), the content is very much geared towards planting the flowers in a flower patch in your garden, and it doesn't make too much mention of container gardening. I know most people will be wanting to sow directly into the ground, but for me, who is going to be landscaping the garden in the next 6-12 months and so needs to concentrate on pots for now, it's a little confusing. More info on container gardening, which varieties are perfect for it and which aren't, and especially information on how to care for your pots over winter, would be amazing.

Final thoughts?

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this subscription service, it's a great idea filling a substantial gap in the market, it's been well executed and I'm loving being able to have that much-needed guidance when growing my first flower seeds. I'm excited to see how this subscription box delivers over the next few months as we head into autumn and winter!

For more information on the Rose Press Garden subscription box, visit or check out their Instagram account here.

Please note, I am not an affiliate of this brand, simply a customer doing a review!



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