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An autumn round-up

I haven't written much about my cutting garden lately, as the seed sowing has tailed off completely and once the last of my flowers, the Rudbeckia, have faded I'll be sorting through planters, planting bulbs in some and storing the rest away over winter. While I have had some successes this year, there have been many lessons I'll be taking away from it. One lesson will definitely have to be that over-wintering seedlings isn't worth it in the climate I live in and with the tools I have at my disposal. So, seed sowing will wait until the spring! Another is to simplify things and streamline my growing list - between running a business and a household, it was all too easy to fall behind and I lost lots of seedlings that could have otherwise flourished!

A gray planter with colourful heather

That's why it was such a delight to take the pressure off and finally get back in the garden over the weekend just to make up some simple autumnal planters. These will be used to brighten up the front of my home. I took out the very disappointing wildflowers that had previously been designated for this oblong planter and instead added this colourful heather flanked by two tiny evergreen shrubs for contrast. I adore the colours of this heather, and I'm hoping it will last well into the winter season.

A round planter with cyclamen and heuchera

I also added some hot pink cyclamen plants to a round planter next to my front door, as well as this beautiful dark foliage known as Heuchera Melting Fire.I just love how dramatic this foliage looks, and I may even be treated to some constrasting white flowers come the spring! These planters were a quick, cheap little project to add some colour and interest over autumn and winter, and they've made me so happy. Isn't it amazing how just the act of getting out into the garden lifts your mood?



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