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Pick Your Own Flowers - Regather Farm

There are quite a few little independent flower farms popping up here in the UK, most roughly around an hour's drive in various directions from where I live. It sure would be nice to have one on my doorstep - or maybe it's the universe's way of saying there's an opportunity right here! Anyway, a flower farm in Sheffield, Regather Farm, threw open its doors recently, so I just had to make the trip across the Pennines to attend its Pick Your Own Flowers morning.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for it, and Regather Farm is lucky enough to be set in lovely countryside with far-reaching views - a glorious setting for some flower picking! There was a small group of 7 people who attended the Pick Your Own Flowers morning, and Rachel met us at the gate once we'd parked up then walked us down to the farm. She showed us around the site and advised on the different flowers and foliage varieties that we could pick from. She was really helpful, and when one of the attendees asked for bouquet tips she was more than happy to oblige, being a grower-florist herself.

Water, buckets and snips were provided, then we were given the time and space to get picking, with Rachel on hand for guidance or just a little chat about flowers! I found it interesting and hugely helpful to have a go at cutting my own flowers, to see how they grew and the different varieties that grew alongside them. It was so difficult trying to plan bouquets while cutting, and I have to admit, I did a little bit of panic cutting at the end of the session, in case I didn't have enough of a selection of colours and styles!

There was a little bit of cake and conversation to round off the morning, which was a lovely touch. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and all these beautiful blooms cost just £25 plus a small booking fee - bonus! Most of my cutting companions were in pairs, which isn't surprising as it would make a lovely trip out with a friend or family member, and is just an extra £5 if you want to share a bucket. I loved my time at Ragather Farm, and it definitely won't be my last picking expedition!

If you want to book on or find out more about Regather Farm, visit

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