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Pick your own flowers - Kitchen Garden Flowers

I have been thrilled to see so many flower farms opening their doors to florists and customers alike, letting people pick their own home-grown flowers. Kitchen Garden Flowers in Matlock, Derbyshire, is just one of those farms, and in fact has been opening up by appointment every Wednesday and Saturday morning for Pick Your Own sessions throughout the summer!

I joined Vanessa from Kitchen Garden Flowers on a sunny day last weekend and loved every minute of it! Vanessa is passionate about British flowers and sustainable floristry, and has been around, banging the drum for #grownnotflown flowers, for a number of years. She was so accommodating and helpful in answering my many questions. As someone working solo around my children, it can sometimes feel a little like I'm in my own bubble, so it was lovely to speak to someone so like-minded and knowledgeable about the industry.

Kitchen Garden Flowers is on a working farm in a rural spot with the most amazing views, so it was an absolute pleasure to spend time picking flowers and planning my designs in such a wonderful setting. After a tour of the garden and a few helpful tips, Vanessa left me to take my pick of the large variety of flowers and foliage. She had a great selection of dahlias, but there were also plenty of filler flowers to choose from, so I had no problem filling my bucket!

The total cost for this little haul? Just £25, which I think represents amazing value. Perfect for playing with bouquets and designs, as it's just the right amount of stems and a fabulous selection of flower varieties. I will never get tired of spending time in these beautiful gardens, and I doubt very much it will be my last visit!

If you want to book on or find out more about Kitchen Garden Flowers, visit

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