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Drainage issues

I know some of you will think this is really stupid, but until recently I was completely unaware about the necessity of drainage holes in my containers. I mean, why would they sell so many pretty ceramic pots on the high street, but neglect to put drainage holes in them? Then numpties like me would happily plant beautiful bedding flowers in their containers, subjecting them to the risk of over-watering and plant rot. There really should be some sort of information on the container somewhere! Well, if you're a complete beginner like me, consider this your heads up.

So, I've spent the morning taking out the flowers from my planters and using a masonry drill-bit to drill my own drainage holes in the bottom of my pots. Just a little light pressure was enough to add the perfect sized holes to my pot - don't push too hard or you'll risk cracking it! I did find that it chipped the paint on the inside of my pot, which is why I drilled my holes from the outside in, not the other way around.

It got me checking all the recycled plastic planters I'd recently bought, and guess what - the holes aren't always included in these either. You'll find a lot of them leave a kind of space or guide for the drainage holes, but you have to cut them yourself. Who knew? Certainly not me! I feel a little bit silly but at least now I know!



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