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5 reasons why I'm cultivating a cutting patch - and why you should too!

When I first thought about retraining in floristry, growing a cutting garden wasn't a part of my vision. Now I'm totally on board with choosing and growing my own little stash of flowers! Here's why.

1 It's a sustainable approach to floristry.

Most people know that many of the flowers from wholesalers are flown in from other countries. Using local flower farms and turning your hand to home growing means you'll be creating environmentally friendly bouquets, which is a huge selling point to a lot of customers.

2 It helps you adopt a seasonal perspective.

There's nothing quite like growing your own perennials and biennials to help you understand the process of how flowers grow, and for you to know which varieties bloom in each season. This knowledge is invaluable for creating the perfect seasonal hand-tied bouquets, using flowers that are common for the time of year.

3 It gives you creative control.

Growing your own flowers means you can control the varieties of flower at your disposal. So, as well as the usual types of flower from your wholesaler, you can also add unusual and uncommon blooms from your garden or allotment to your designs, making you stand out from the crowd.

4 It's great for your mental health.

Gardening and the process of nurturing flowers and plants is a great way to unwind, giving you something to focus on and allowing you time in nature, something that's found to naturally lower stress levels.

5 It's a great way to fill in the gaps.

Took a delivery from your local flower farm but didn't order enough blooms, or found that your foliage stash is running low? Having your own home-grown flowers and foliage to hand when you need them means you'll never be low stock or inspiration for your hand-tied designs.

Do you have any more reasons to add to the list? Comment below to let me know!



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I'm Mel, floral designer and novice gardener nurturing my first cutting patch. Follow me as I learn, share and grow.

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