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Sustainable wedding flower installations with Meadows & Mulberry

Last September saw me teaming up with some other floral designers at a workshop run by wedding florist Meadows & Mulberry, and together we learned to create a set of completely foam free show-stopping wedding flower installations. These large-scale installations have become more and more popular with brides in recent years, and it's easy to see why with these fabulous photos.

It's crazy to think that this beautiful broken arch has been created without the use of any floral foam, but I promise you that it has! We layered up several different types of foliage to create this wild and full look, starting with thick swathes of fir for coverage before going in with the lighter, more decorative varieties. We used a mixture of both British-grown and imported materials here, with everything from dahlias and roses to rudbeckia and zinnias all in earthy tones, with pops of blue and purple courtesy of hydrangeas and limonium. Broken arches like this typically start from around £600, and they are usually created on-site the morning of your wedding at your venue. They make a wonderful ceremony backdrop or frame for around an entrance door, and some can also be moved to a different area afterwards so you can maximise the value from your wedding florals (this does depend on mechanics and placement, so be sure to ask your florist about this if you would like this for your wedding!).

The Moongate is another popular design which looks amazing in photographs as a backdrop for shots of the bride and groom. Again this was created using sustainable methods, all in shades of pink and red. We concentrated the flowers around the lower half of the Moongate, with just a few scattered blooms and a wisp of foliage around the top before tapering off, giving a natural look. However, you could have the whole circle covered if flowers and foliage if you prefer. Moongates start from around £650 for a full circle and again, are usually created on-site at your wedding venue.

Luscious and sustainable wedding flower installations like this really elevate the look of your wedding, adding luxury, beauty and fragrance to your decor and giving visual impact to your wedding photographs. If you're a flower lover who wants your wedding day to be filled with beautiful blooms while also minimising your impact on the planet, these designs are a great choice.



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