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Seasonal flower options for a spring wedding

If you're not a gardener it can be confusing to know which flowers are available at each time of year, which is why I have put together this series of posts to help give you an idea! Early spring can be a tricky time for wedding flowers, as many of the more well-known options loved by brides, such as the peony or the dahlia, are still a few months away from being available. However, you absolutely CAN curate a simply beautiful wedding style using flowers that are typically in season at this time of year, and the results can be truly stunning! Here I run down just 5 wedding flower options for the spring season.

Deep purple anemones
Photography by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova


These statement flowers work so well for weddings as they look impactful in bridal bouquets thanks to the contrast between their dark centre (often black or deep purple) and their delicate petals. They are available in a range of eye-catching colours, from the most exquisite bi-colours and jewel tones to soft pastels through to pure white, so you're likely to find the right hue to suit your wedding palette. Anemones tend to bloom from early spring right through to early summer.

Soft white & pink ruffled ranunculus flowers
Photography by Alesia Kaz


I love everything about these dreamy flowers! The ruffles, the movement, and the scent all make this a fabulous choice for a spring bridal bouquet. Ranunculus flowers have delicate, layered petals that resemble those of peonies or roses, making them incredibly elegant and easy to pair with other flowers to create a cohesive style. Their intricate layers add depth and texture to bouquets, contributing to a romantic and sophisticated look that brides love.

A vase of beautiful pastel spring tulips
Photography by Patrick Langwallner


These flowers are probably easily identifiable to most, but not everyone will think of them when it comes to wedding flowers. However, tulips come in the most beautiful range of colours and bi-colours, styles and shapes, from double tulips to parrot and fringed varieties. They add a pretty touch to bridal bouquets and can even be used on the bulb for long-lasting and natural-looking installations and table centrepieces. They're definitely worth keeping in mind for your spring wedding!

A close-up shot of paperwhites on a black background
Photography by Aravind Reddy Tarugu


The most commonly-known member of the narcissus family has to be the daffodil, but it's certainly not the only variety available at this time of year! My favourite has to be the Bridal Crown, with its creamy-white to pale yellow colour and soft ruffles. However, a good choice for wedding flowers is the Paperwhite, with its masses of tiny white flowers giving scale and interest to a bouquet otherwise full of large single-bud blooms. Being beautifully fragrant to boot, these delicate flowers are a great way to give a nod to spring in your wedding florals and decor.

A mason jar full of hyacinth blooms in spring colours
Photography by Annie Spratt


These lovely linear flowers just scream spring to me, and as an added bonus they come in a variety of beautiful pastel colours befitting of the season. Their interesting shape gives height, while also being delicate enough not to shade other flowers in a bouquet or centrepiece. However, when using hyacinths in wedding flower arrangements it's important to consider their strong fragrance, which can be overpowering in enclosed spaces. Be sure to discuss this with your florist and consider the placement of hyacinth arrangements accordingly.

As always, chat to your florist about the colours and shapes you would like in your wedding flowers and let them guide you - they'll have many more suggestions to suit your season and budget!



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