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Funeral designs - the Living Wreath

Living wreaths are a fabulous sustainable choice for farewell flowers. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they continue to bloom for months. For this particular design, I chose chose lavender (with its beautiful trailing foliage), campanula (with its delicate white flowers) and that purple-tinged plant is ajuga (otherwise known as Bugleweed), which will eventually produce stunning blue flowers.

It's messy, very messy work as you can see by this in-progress pic! So I often create them outside, wrapping a wreath frame with the moss and individually attaching the plants onto the wreath one at a time, wrapping tightly. I would recommend spraying the moss with water to keep it moist and allow your plants to grow.

I find making these wreaths so therapeutic - there's something about getting my hands dirty and making something so natural and beautiful, sat in the sunshine with a cup of tea. I absolutely love it! And I'm so pleased with the result of this one - with its pretty white blossoms and fragrant lavender scent, I can't wait to see it change as the plants do! Why have to keep removing dead flowers from a loved ones grave, when you could have this pretty wreath of living plants that grow and change with the seasons? If you'd love to know more or ask for a quote, please get in touch!



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