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Cutting garden progress and a catch-up

Hey! It's been a while! If you've read this blog before, you'll see that it has transformed somewhat from a record of all things cutting-garden related, to being the home for my floristry business. It made sense to incorporate the blog into my website, as it'll allow me to continue showing people behind the scenes of both my floristry work and the flowers that I grow.

Copper Image tulips growing in a black planter

The cutting garden has also changed rather a lot these last few months, and there have been some successes and plenty of failures! We're now in June so tulip season is over, and looking back it's clear that tulips are wonderfully cheap to buy but not particularly easy to grow or harvest! Half of my tulips did well, but the other half didn't at all. I think as far as next year goes, I'll buy tulips from the British growers and just plant some in my garden for my own enjoyment. It wouldn't be a surprise if they'll do much better in the ground rather than a pot (and certainly in a larger quantity!).

White and red anemones growing in a black container

Mount Everest and Full Star Anemones both did fantastically well and with very little maintenance, and I'm happy to say that I was able to use my own home-grown orlaya and cornflowers in some bouquets recently too, which felt like a bit of a milestone moment!

A close-up image of orlaya grandiflora

The orlaya has been beautiful and plentiful, long lasting in bouquets, good for drying and is an unusual, airy addition to an arrangement. Something I will definitely grow again! However, as well as the tulips there are other things I probably won't bother with going forwards, including sweet peas (I harvested a couple of flowers but most of the plants died off in the heat), alliums (only one of the handful of bulbs sprouted and the flower was underwhelming) and nigella (I found these infuriatingly difficult to grow!).

I also still have some seedlings in my greenhouse that I need to plant out soon, including helichrysum, cosmos and callistephus, so I'll write another post about those, but one thing is for sure so far - growing my own cutting garden has been a delight!



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