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A more sustainable approach

A floral graphic that says 'Happy Earth Day'

So earlier this week was Earth Day, and it spurred me on to think a little more about how I approach sustainability within the business and how I could improve things going forward. We all know by now that floristry as an industry has a huge carbon footprint, and I knew right from the start that I wanted to run my business in a way that would minimise harm to the planet and not add to the problem to the same extent.

Of course, good intentions don't always equal good working practices and Greenwashing most definitely is an issue across the board, so it's important to occasionally look at what's working and make any changes required. The main thing, for me, is to look at all my packaging. The aqua packs that I use are made from a biodegradable film that hasn't been working all that well for me, from annoying leakages to the fact that, even though it might be a more environmentally friendly option, it's still very much a single-use item.

So, I'm currently exploring new ideas and how I can transport in water without the need for an aqua pack. This might be with the use of recycled jam jars, vases that can be kept and refilled or simply just a rethink on the sorts of items that I offer. I'm also going to be looking at reducing the amount of paper and card included in each order to minimise waste - this could mean the option of adding on a flower care card or a packet of flower food to your order, rather than them automatically being provided. This of course all takes time to work out and implement, but I'm hoping I can come up with a solution soon!

A bunch of seasonal British flowers, including dahlias, cosmos and flowering mint

As we enter the start of the British flower-growing season, I'm also looking forward to going back to some of my favourite growers this year and will soon be offering locally grown bouquets again! As a florist who creates all year round, I do use a mixture of both imported and locally-grown flowers, but I'm passionate about supporting the small businesses who grow seasonal varieties and using them as much as I can in my designs during the spring and summer. This year I'm working on a wedding that uses all-British flowers and I absolutely cannot wait! I'm hoping this is something I can do more of in the future going forwards.

British-grown bouquets will be available as a subscription in either 3 or 6-monthly increments from the end of this month, and you'll be able to enjoy the changing of the seasons as the contents of the bouquets will vary each month depending on what's currently growing. It's the perfect gift for the eco-conscious nature lover in your life! Check out the Subscriptions page for more information.

Mel x



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