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Seasonal hand-tie

This hand-tied bouquet represents the best of late summer flowers and foliage, and I just love its wildness and rustic charm. Created using my haul from Kitchen Garden Flowers, as well as a few stems cut from my mum's garden, I found myself drawn to the rich colours and created my bouquet around them. I kept the design loose and wild, with a variety of different foliage framing my focal flowers.

I don't know how the flowers had even survived, as I'd had to put off making anything for a few days because the twins were under the weather. You can see here that dahlia is past its best. It's a constant consideration while I work on how my business is going to run around the kids - how do I work and sell flowers quickly enough to ensure freshness and longevity in the vase? It's a really tricky question, and one I'm always working on the answer for!

One thing that surprised me at Kitchen Garden Flowers was how much I would like the ammi they had growing. As much as we all love the dahlias, but I wasn't expecting to adore the filler flowers like ammi and achillea so much! I knew right away that I wanted to add some to my cutting patch. Combined with the pink sedum here, it's great for adding texture and height. The white accents in this bouquet really helped to set off the pinks - as much as I enjoy a tonal bouquet, I'm not sure if would have worked in this particular case. So, what do you think? It's always great to hear your feedback!



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