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Funeral designs - the Mini Funeral Wreath

When you think about funeral designs you might envisage a casket spray or sheath, but one great option for a slightly different type of funeral tribute is to opt for a beautiful wreath like this mini variety. The funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth certainly brought worldwide attention to this humble style of funeral design, and with good reason - her casket wreath was simply stunning, and created using sustainable techniques and flowers grown in the gardens of the royal estates.

Here I'm going to show you a little more detail on one type of funeral wreath. The base of this design is a small willow frame, which has been loosely constructed for space to place moss. Once mossed up, the wreath is then sprayed well with water. Funerals so often mean white flowers, but there's no reason why you can't use colour, especially if the person had a very vibrant personality. I had this design in mind while I was picking my stems at Kitchen Garden Flowers, and I knew I wanted to use soft feminine colours like these so they were picked specifically for the project. I began with the large pink dahlias, then the pink and purple scabiosa, then filled in the rest of the spaces with smaller filler flowers like ammi, cornflowers and achillea.

Special mention goes to these cute little pink and white zinnias, which I cut from my garden. I needed a little more pink to bring everything together, and these fit the bill perfectly. Just another reason why I'm so keen to grow my own flowers! And don't forget about those little flower buds - they add such a lovely texture and interest to this design, and they were great for filling those final few spaces.

So, do you think this would make a good funeral tribute? Do you prefer colour or monochrome palettes for your funeral designs? If you would like to get in touch about creating a special tribute for your loved one, please get in touch.



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