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Jam-jar posy

I've been so busy that I haven't had the chance to get more flowers just for me, however I did have a few stems leftover from Kitchen Garden Flowers and my little raid of my mum's garden. So, when my twins, who have been poorly with a bug, finally let me put them down for a nap I put together this little jam-jar posy for my kitchen table (as well as trying to cram in a million other jobs!).

That poor delphinium was on its last legs, but it was such a pretty colour that I just had to tuck it away at the back there. I love the height delphiniums give to arrangements, which is why I'm excited for its cousin, larkspur, to grow in my garden next year. More on that in my October cutting garden progress later! As well as the delphinium, this little arrangement also features achillea, dahlia, cosmos, basil and - my personal fave - verbena. It's just such a versatile flower, and I love the colour and texture it offers!

Side note - Don't get me wrong, jam jar posies are universally popular, especially when they're decorated with some pretty twine or ribbon, but it does feel like EVERYONE is making them. I'm on the hunt for something just as cute and cost-effective, but a little bit different. These Stem Gem vases are super-cute and sustainably produced, but still not as cheap per unit as jam jars. If I can just find a way to add my own stamp to little posies like these, I'll be on to a winner!

That's all for now, until next time!



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