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Autumnal wreath

I couldn't let this beautiful season pass without creating an autumnal wreath, and for this one I raided my mum's garden again, as well as a patch of woods near my house, for some hydrangea heads and beautifully coloured branches. It was absolutely pouring down with rain and I felt like a bit of a fool in front of the neighbours with my scissors, trying to snip at branches and wishing I'd brought the secateurs along instead! I'd been busy all day and had just an hour child-free to try to gather the rest of the ingredients for this wreath and to try to create something from them, so I was rushing. But how important it is to take the opportunity when you can!

I knew when I was picking the hydrangea heads that I wanted to use a 12" wire frame with them, and picked three for balance. This particular hydrangea plant had come from a cutting of a plant in a late relative's garden, and the thought crossed my mind that it would have been lovely to use in a funeral wreath or display. Using flowers from family gardens of those deceased is a lovely idea for funeral work and definitely something I'd love to explore more of in my work.

Unfortunately, because I didn't have the time to go gathering (not even for the pinecones - they're from Amazon. Total fail!), I knew I didn't have enough to cover a 12" wire frame. So, I used a willow hoop and instead created a spray to half-cover the hoop. The end result is fabulous and understated - a fabulous edition to any door this autumn!



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